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EMI Production Music, a division of EMI Music Publishing, produces music that is essential, innovative and ground breaking and is home to the world renowned production music labels KPM, MusicHouse, Selected Sound, Ded Good plus many more!  Our music is specifically created for use in the media and we dedicate ourselves to continually providing fresh and relevant content for our clients worldwide.

EMI Production Music has created the benchmark within the industry for high quality production music, having worked with some of the most distinguished and influential composers in the UK and Worldwide.We continue to source the most talented composers and musicians in their fields who have a true dedication to their craft.

With over 60 years of experience, our comprehensive catalogue of over 300,000 titles crosses every musical genre imaginable, encompassing large-scale orchestral recordings, archive recordings spanning the 20th century through to underground Dance and cutting edge Indie. Our close relationship with EMI Music Publishing has helped us blur the lines between commercial and production music, giving our clients access to the best new composers in the industry.

We believe that the creative’s we work with are creating visuals that inspire. We therefore feel it is our duty to passionately dedicate ourselves to creating excellent and unique soundtracks to accompany their work. Whatever our clients’ creative needs, it is our aim to fulfil them from our catalogues, and we are continually producing new content to keep up with the creative demands of our clients worldwide.
We continually keep our ear to the ground, and as well as discovering new talent for our own labels, we hand select strategic labels  to partner with who we feel compliment our own content and expand our client offering in specialist areas such as trailer and promo music. We are currently proud to offer our clients X RAY DOG, Megatrax, Pedigree Cuts and Videohelper under the  EMI production music banner....to name just a few!

Our music is affordable and extremely easy to use. Both master and synchronization rights can be immediately globally cleared in one step. Users can test a wide range of music against their productions prior to making any payments, and fees are only due when the production is exhibited, broadcast or offered for sale. We not only dedicate ourselves to providing the best music for our clients but also continue to push the boundaries when it comes to the discovery and delivery of our music in to the marketplace. Our revolutionary music search system PLAY uses state-of-the-art technology, allowing our clients to rapidly find the perfect track for their production. The PLAY interface is flexible and uses the latest in Internet search technology so you can search like you would any popular search engine to quickly find and download tracks intuitively. A new comprehensive approach to metadata allows you to tell the search engine exactly what you want, and have relevant search results returned.

Why not try us in your next production - with dedicated sales teams and expert music consultants with production and commercial expertise in over 50 countries, send us a brief and we’ll find the perfect music for your production! 

EMI Production Music is the past, present and future of production music.

Company History

1780 – The instrument maker, Robert Keith, set up shop in London's Rathbone Place.

1830 – The business had expanded into music publishing and a partnership formed with William Prowse. The turn of the 20th century saw the business expending to theatre tickets, instruments, music and eventually record sales.

1955 – With the advent of commercial television in the UK, the music publishing department became a separate company. The following year the original KP library was established, and the first twenty-five 78 rpm records were produced with a budget of £5,000.

1959 – The library merged with Peter Maurice Publishing to form the new KPM Music Group.

1965 – Robin Phillips launched the KPM 1000 series introducing writers from jazz, pop and other contemporary fields. This renowned series encapsulated a golden age of British television theme music and includes music from Animal Magic, Grandstand, Mastermind and News at Ten.

1960 – KPM became part of EMI Music Publishing with whom the company has grown into its role as an industry leader.

1984 – KPM produced the first library music to be released on CD.

1986 – Robin Philips, a stalwart of the music library business, founded the MUSICHOUSE label. 

1997 – MUSICHOUSE was sold to EMI

2000 – KPM’s pioneering development of its online search and download system PLAY.

2003 – MUSICHOUSE re-launched

2005 – KPM MUSICHOUSE signed strategic partner deal with ITV

2007 – Acquisition of the DED GOOD Label


2011 – EMI Production Music signed strategic partner deals with Shine and Endemol

2012 – Launch of revolutionary NEW PLAY system. Featuring an intuitive search, audition and download system, PLAY makes it easy and fast for the professional music user to find and download creative music selections.

What Is Production Music

What is Production music?

•Production music, also known as Library music, is music written and recorded specifically to be used in Film, Television, Radio, Online and other media formats.
•Production music libraries offer a wide range of musical styles and genres to cover all of your creative needs – from Classical to Dubstep!
•Licenses are processed by the MCPS on behalf of all MCPS-Registered libraries.
•Fees are set in accordance with the published MCPS rate card. These licenses are available for all territories and Worldwide.
•Production music tracks are pre-cleared which means that a piece of music can be licensed without seeking the composer/writer’s permission.
•Fees are only due when the audio-visual production is exhibited, broadcast or offered for sale. This means you can see how the music works in your project before making a payment.

How To Find Music

With our revolutionary new Play system, finding the perfect music for your production couldn’t be easier -our state of the art search functions will help you find exactly what you need.
In a hurry? Check out our pre-selected playlists to save you time.

Every track can be auditioned, and saved to a Playlist. Alternatively you can Save your Searches – whenever we add new tracks to the system that fit your search criteria the new tracks will instantly be added to your Saved Search.

As a registered user, you can download the tracks as an MP3 (320) or WAV.

In addition to PLAY Online, we provide alternative delivery solutions to ensure you have easy access to our music.  We can provide Hard Drives of our entire catalogue and tailor-made USBS packed full of exactly the tracks you need to fit your creative brief.

Free music searches:
We have a dedicated team of expert music consultants who are on hand to help you find exactly what you’re looking for.  Our music searches are fast, free and efficient so get in touch! 

Call us: 0203 059 3000 or Email: musicsearch@emiproductionmusic.com

Contact Us

For all enquiries please contact:
Tel: 020 3059 3000
Email: info@emiproductionmusic.com


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